WHITE NIGHTS Artists' Watercolours Set - 10mL x 24

Sale price$99.95

These are the premium watercolours from Russian manufacturer, NEVSKAYA PALITRA, and are excellent value. Many of the colours are single pigment and most are strongly pigmented.

This set includes 24 X 10mL tubes.

Colours include: 214 Lemon (PY3), 203 Cadmium Lemon, 201 Cadmium Yellow Medium, 218 Yellow Ochre, 217 Golden Deep, Cadmium Orange, 321 English Red, 302 Cadmium Red Light, Ruby, 319 Carmine, 313 Madder Lake Red Light, Quinacridone Lilac, Ceruleum Blue, Bright Blue, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise Blue, Emerald Green, Green Light, Green, Raw Sienna, Umber, Sepia, Lamp Black.

Tubes can be poured into empty pans and left to dry for ~5 days. Paint will shrink back from pan edge and can be topped up if you prefer a fuller pan.

Paint can also be diluted with WHITE NIGHTS Medium.