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WHITE NIGHTS Artists' Watercolours Metal Set - 35 Full Pans

WHITE NIGHTS Artists' Watercolours Metal Set - 35 Full Pans

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These are the premium watercolour range from Russian manufacturer, NEVSKAYA PALITRA, and are excellent value. Many of the colours are single pigment and most are strongly pigmented.

This set includes 35 full pans in a metal travel palette:

100 White, 203 Cadmium Lemon, 253 Aureolin, 201 Cadmium Yellow Medium, 219 Naples Yellow Light, 206 Ochre Light, 217 Golden Deep, 315 Orange, 226 Titan Red, 302 Cadmium Red Light, 364 Geranium Red, 323 Ruby, 319 Carmine, 313 Madder Lake Red,365 Venice Purple, 324 Quin Rose, 609 Quinacridone Lilac, 621, Quinacridone Violet, 613 Ultramarine Violet, 503 Ceruleum, 532 Cobalt Azure Blue, 509 Bright Blue, 508 Cobalt Blue, 511 Ultramarine, 521 Ultramarine Deep, 516 Indigo, 531 Cobalt Turquoise, 713 Emerald Green, 745 May Green, 716 Sap Green, 405 Raw Sienna, 406 Burnt Sienna, 408 Burnt Umber, 801 Lamp Black, 812 Paynes Gray

Pans are semi-moist and rewet easily. Large pan size is good for access, especially if you use a larger brush.

Once a pan is empty you can replace with a new pan (available seperately) or fill the empty pan with any of the artist tube paints (and allow to dry for 5-7 days). Full pan volume is approximately 4mL.

Pans are white plastic and inidividually wrapped in a foil label. As you unwrap each pan, write the name of the pigment on the outside of the pan with a permanent marker. 

Paint can also be diluted with WHITE NIGHTS Medium.

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