WHITE NIGHTS Artists' Watercolours - Full Pan - Yellow Ochre (PY43, PY1)

Sale price$5.95

These are the artist grade watercolour range from Russian manufacturer, NEVSKAYA PALITRA, and are an excellent choice for a good value artist grade paint. Many of the colours are single pigment and most are strongly pigmented. Supplied as semi-moist full pans, you get a lot of paint that instantly rewets, but is also easily transportable. The large pan size means the paint is easy to access and you can also use a larger brush size. Good for when you are doing washes or working in a larger sketchbook. Once a pan is empty you can refill with a replacement pan (available separately) or fill the empty pan with any of the artist tube paints (and allow to dry for 5-7 days). Full pan volume is approximately 2.5mL. Available individually, in a plastic box set of 12, metal sets of 12, 21 or 35 and a lovely wooden box set of 48 full pans with a squirrel brush. Pans are white plastic and inidividually wrapped in foil label. Expect some moisture on the paint upon opening. Mark each pan with the paint name so you don't loose track. Excellent value.