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NEVSKAYA PALITRA Sonnet Student Watercolours Metal Set - 21 Full Pans

NEVSKAYA PALITRA Sonnet Student Watercolours Metal Set - 21 Full Pans

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This is the student grade watercolour pigment from NEVA PALETTE. 

Set includes 21 full sized pans of paint, including:  100 Zinc White, 227 Hanza Lemon, 220 Yellow Medium, 221 Yellow Deep, 205 Gold Ochre, 315 Orange, 336 Red Light, 319 Carmine, 317 Madder Lake Red, 513 Azure, 501 Ultramarine Light, 515 Blue, 514 Bluish Green, 605 Violet Light, 606 Violet Deep, 720 Emerald Green, 716 Sap Green, 710 Green Deep, 406 Burnt Sienna, 408 Burnt Umber, 801 Lamp Black.

These pans are more moist than a typical watercolour pan and show uneveness to the surface. Spray with water to rewet pans before you start painting.

Majority of colours in this set have a lightfast rating of ** or *** which is acceptable for works done in a sketchbook that will be closed to light. You could start with this set and as you replace the pans, replace with artist grade pans from the WHITE NIGHTS range, which will be more lightfast.

Sturdy metal palette with bright yellow exterior and white interior.

Some space inside to include extra pans (available separately).

Ring on bottom surface to help you hold the palette while you paint outdoors.

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