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SKETCHLANDIA Folding Metal Watercolour Palette (Empty) - Holds 36 Half Pans

SKETCHLANDIA Folding Metal Watercolour Palette (Empty) - Holds 36 Half Pans

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Large metal travel palette for your watercolour pans. Ideal for artists who want to use the palette both outside and in the studio.

The palette is made from high quality steel, coated in black enamel and includes a thumb ring on the bottom surface to help you hold the palette one handed. Inside there is a second lid that opens to provide more space for mixing colours.

All internal surfaces are enamelled in white to show the true colour of the pigments. The metal edges of the top opening lid and the secondary flap are rolled to smooth the edges. The metal edges of the base palette are not rolled.

An internal base plate includes three metal rails that are adjustable to fit most sizes of plastic pans (available separately). There is also enough space to hold a brush up to 21cm long. The base plate can be lifted out for rearranging your pans or for cleaning.

This model is 22.5 x 9.5 x 2.5cm and can hold 36-39 half (or 18-21 full) plastic watercolour pans. Lower number is the intended number of pans, but we find you can get a few more in.

Made in Germany.

SKETCHLANDIA. A land where people believe in sketching your way.

(DANIEL SMITH Half stick-pans and brush pictured not included)

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