ROSEMARY & CO Brush - Evergreen (Synthetic) - Dagger 5/8" - Long Handle


ROSEMARY & CO Brush - Evergreen (Synthetic) - Dagger 5/8" - Long Handle

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ROSEMARY & CO is a family run business in England that make fantastic travel brushes and other watercolour brushes for watercolour artists.

The Dagger is a specialised brush head that is very adaptable and expressive for urban sketching. Great for trees, branches and calligraphic effects. This one, made from the Evergreen synthetic fibre, popular for use with oil and acrylics, but also a lower cost option for expressive watercolour.

It is like having a rigger and a flat brush in one. You can use the point for fine detail and the edge for laying down broad strokes. The sable content holds a lot of pigment and provides controlled flow of paint from the brush. Helps you learn new techniques that you can later challenge yourself to try and learn with regular pointed rounds.

Long handle.