PILOT Iroshizuku Ink - 2mL SAMPLE - Asa-Gao (Morning Glory)

PILOT Iroshizuku Ink - 2mL SAMPLE - Asa-Gao (Morning Glory)

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PILOT Iroshizuku inks are one of the finest fountain pen inks available.

Right from when you first open the package to placing the ink on the page, they are a pleasure to use.

The bottles are hand-made and not only look beautiful on your desk, but are functional as well, with a little dimple in the bottom to help you draw up every last drop of the delicious ink.

Japanese made and modelled on nature, the colour range is both traditional and harmonious. The water-based inks are wet and lubricated to give a smooth writing experience. Colours are highly saturated. Perform particualrly well in PILOT pens. Will perform best on quality paper stocks and with a reasonable drying time.

Range of 24 colours available in 50mL glass bottle. Each bottle is packaged in beautifully presented silver textured cardbord box. Bottle mouth is wide enough to allow you to fill even the largest pens.

Also sold as a Gift Set of 3 x 15mL bottles in 3 different colour sets. The Gift Set is packaged in a minimalist but elegant white box and is a great way to sample this luxurious fountain pen ink range. 

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