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OPUS 88 Demonstrator Fountain Pen - Broad Nib

OPUS 88 Demonstrator Fountain Pen - Broad Nib

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OPUS 88 Demonstrator Fountain pen. Be prepared for people to ask you about this pen - it's a very funky mix of clear and frosted clear resin that shows off your ink color with style. 

The pen is filled with the supplied eyedropper and uses a piston operated shut-off valve to seal the barrel when travelling or flying. When writing for exteded periods of time release the piston to enable ink flow to the feed and nib.

This is a largish pen and isn't designed to be posted. Available in Fine, Medium , Broad, 1.1 italic (stub) nib

Dimensions: 147mm x 17mm capped, 137mm uncapped, 27.0g with cap (empty)
Material: Clear acrylic, clip - matt black (metal)
Nib: JOWO #6 nib - black stainless in silver. Nibs available as spare parts
Packaged in a gift box with eyedropper 

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