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DE ATRAMENTIS Permanent Document Ink 35mL - Green

DE ATRAMENTIS Permanent Document Ink 35mL - Green

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Waterproof and lightfast ink.

Use with a brush, dip pen or fountain pen (ink contains nano particles of pigment so will pass through the fountain pen feed, but good advice is to make sure you keep your fountain pen in use, at least fortnightly).

Available in 16 colours and also a thinner to allow you to dilute the ink without losing the waterproof properties.

All DE ATRAMENTIS Artist inks are miscible with each other, which means you can mix up any colour. Choose black, magenta, yellow and cyan as the perfect mixing set. 

Document Ink GREEN.
Color: Green,
Content: 35 ml.
This exclusive handmade ink is suitable for fountain pens.
The ink is produced according to the requirements of ISO 12757-2.


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