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DANIEL SMITH Gouache - 15mL - Pyrrol Orange (PO73)

DANIEL SMITH Gouache - 15mL - Pyrrol Orange (PO73)

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This unforgettable orange is a pure, smooth, saturated addition to any palette. Capture the glory of a summer garden or the magic of a tropical sunset with this dynamic and versatile hue. Living in a luxurious state between magenta and fuchsia, Pyrrol Orange is a delicious color just begging to find its way into your rose garden. Moderately staining, this pigment allows itself to be directed in a wash without running wild. It thins to a pale fuchsia rose when diluted.
SKU: 284860018
Pigment: PO 73 | Series: 3
Lightfastness: II – Very Good
Transparency: Opaque
Staining: 3-Medium Staining

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