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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour - Confetti Dots - 36 Dots

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour - Confetti Dots - 36 Dots

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Fun Test dots from the DANIEL SMITH Watercolour range to help you test out a wide range of colours.

Generous amount of paint in each dot.

Each card includes cute saying to inspire your creativity.

Wet your brush and lift the pigment off the page.

Colours include:

Gemstones - rhodonite genuine, jadeite genuine, amazonite genuine and amethyst genuine; Mix & Mingle 1 - hansa yellow medium, anthraquinoid red, French ultramarine blue and lunar black; Mix & Mingle 2 - permanent orange, imperial purple, pthalo green (blue shade) and Jane's gray; Autumn Glow - Aussie red gold, quinacridone gold, quinacridone burnt orange and hansa yellow light; Born to Sparkle - pearlescent white, duochrome Cabo blue, duochrome hibiscus and duochrome emerald; Add a Little Sparkle - iridescent gold, iridescent garnet, iridescent russet and iridescent electric blue; Granulating Fun - rose of ultramarine, sap green, ultramarine turquoise and lunar blue; Colors of Inspiration - opera pink, cascade green, green gold and moonglow; Paint Flowers - wisteria, lavender, quinacridone lilac and quinacridone rose.

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