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BLACKWING Matte Pencils (like 4B) - Singles

BLACKWING Matte Pencils (like 4B) - Singles

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With a retro look that is decidedly fresh, the Blackwing Matte pencil pays tribute to the grand-daddy of legendary pencils, the Eberhardt-Faber Blackwing 602. Blackwing pencils have sketched, written and composed their way across the American cultural landscape. This soft and smooth graphite core is the ideal gift for artists, musicians or anyone who sometimes seeks a more natural existence. The graphite core is the softest of the standard Blackwing pencils.

Matte black finish with black eraser. 
Brand Name: Blackwing Matte
Pencil Type: Graphite, Soft and Smooth
Package Quantity: 12
Wood Type: Incense-cedar
Barrel Shape: Hexagonal
Barrel Colour: Black
Country of Origin: Japan 

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